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Broken Top

Broken Top, Bend, Oregon


We provide the same services as any other full-service payroll subscription, without the subscription costs.  There are no extra fees with our payroll service, only the time that it takes us to set up and run the payroll, pay the taxes, and print the quarterly reports, saving our clients money.

Our clients send us either the employee hours and/or the salary amounts for each payroll, then we run the payroll and either print the paychecks and payroll reports, or email the paystubs for the client to write the paychecks from.

Payroll Tax Deposits

Most business owners pay the payroll taxes monthly.  We offer electronic tax payments, which allows the tax payments to be withdrawn electronically from the client’s bank account.  Each month several days before the due date, we email each client, letting them know how much will be deducted from their account.  After permission has been received, we then initiate the electronic payments before the due date of the tax payment.

Quarterly Reports

Both federal and state payroll reports are due quarterly.  We send the state report electronically, and print the federal report and email to the client for signature and mailing.

In all these payroll activities, the client remains in control and ultimately responsible for all payroll processes, while having peace of mind that all payments and reports are being submitted in a timely manner.

Peace of Mind

Let Cornerstone Bookkeeping Inc provide your payroll services, and have the peace of mind that it is being done in an accurate,  timely and professional manner.

Payroll Advice

If you’re considering hiring employees, but need help, click on this link to Intuit’s Payroll website for some helpful information: http://payroll.intuit.com/payroll_resources/guide_to_hiring/index.jhtml.