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Bookkeeping Services

Cornerstone Bookkeeping Inc, formerly Ferry's Bookkeeping, etc., is a full-service bookkeeping agency, which includes picking up and delivering at your place of business here in Central Oregon, or doing the bookkeeping at your business, whichever you prefer.  We will do as much or as little as you would like us to, including printing and mailing invoices, entering bills and printing and delivering checks for you to sign, picking up and mailing signed checks, and processing your payroll, all while keeping accurate books in conjunction with your CPA.  If you are a construction contractor or builder, we will accurately account for your Work-In-Process accounts.  We are set up to do your books in QuickBooks.

We Will . . .

We will keep your bank accounts up-to-date and reconciled, and supply you with pertinent financial statements, enabling you to get an accurate picture of your company's financial stability and areas of needed improvement.  We cannot give you financial or tax advice - that is the job of your CPA.  We can, however, give you the data to base good decisions on.

Key Benefits

You will spend less time doing bookwork and more time making your business profitable.

As an experienced bookkeeper, you can rest assured that your books are in good hands.

Your vendors will be paid on time.

Your customers will receive timely invoices, which means the money will be in your bank account faster.

You will be kept aware of overdue accounts, allowing you to take steps to collect your money and/or decide whether or not to stop doing business with the delinquent customer.

You will receive relevant financial statements, so that you will always know if your company is being profitable or not, including what areas or jobs are not being profitable and which ones are profitable, allowing you to make good business decisions.


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We offer a payroll service that includes paychecks, tax payments, and payroll reporting.

Payroll Services...

Todd Lake

Mt. Bachelor, Bend, Oregon